Our body is our temple and we need to take care of it! we all think about what we put in our bodies so how about what we also put on our bodies. 

I believe living a healthy lifestyle is accessible for everyone, it’s a journey of self discovery, love, happiness and finding your passion.

I see a world where anything is possible, where others need to experience this freedom and richness to life that makes you full of joy, creativity and laughter.

On of my pleasures and passions in life is drawing. At first I was scared to put my artwork out there as I didn't think it was perfect enough or that others would like it. 

I have been on a journey of self love and discovery and my prints reflect my life. They aren't perfect in my eyes, they aren't symetirical, it's intricate, there is alot going on in, but it all comes together to create something beautiful. I can see the perfection in the imperfection.